Technology Ice Pack

- Dec 28, 2018-

Folding standard model:

Technology ice standard two-layer design (one-time use), suitable for long-term refrigeration and preservation of any item, sampling, sampling, biological preparation refrigeration and cryogenic transportation, blood transportation, etc., good refrigeration and insulation effect, low cost, light weight, Long holding time, can be folded freely after freezing, free cutting, no space, convenient to use.

Folding HDR model:

Technology Ice HDR (four layers): It is the highest quality, most durable, safest and lightest high-tech product in the world today. Has obtained ISO9002 international quality certification. Tested by independent agencies in the United States, Techno Ice is the longest holding time in all ice in the world (6 times the same as the normal ice holding time).

Can be used N times, hot and cold, can be folded and cut at will

The minimum can be frozen to -190 ° C and can be heated up to 180 ° C.

Folding purpose:

1. Technology ice is an upgraded substitute for ice cubes. It has more applicability and is easy to use, hygienic and versatile.

1, for medical high fever cooling and fever, anti-inflammatory pain, cold compress beauty, sprain, hemostasis, suppuration, skin care and other auxiliary physiotherapy.

2. Long-distance refrigerated transport of various biological cryogenic reagents, solder paste, poultry medicine, medicine, plasma, vaccine, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade fresh food.

3, used in sports training and competition during the game, bruises, sprains, falls and other cold and hot physiotherapy bags.

4, cold storage and energy saving in daily life, maintain low temperature, food preservation, iced drinks, travel carrying when the refrigerator is powered off

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