The Cooler Bag Prevents The Glass From Falling On The Window

- Jul 01, 2017-

The Cooler Bag prevents the glass from falling on the window
 Choose good texture of yuba, after drying to reduce the water to 12 to 14% or so, and then put it into a plastic film food bag, tie the bag, placed in 33 ℃ below the cool, ventilated, dry place to avoid Damp moldy. KCB stainless steel gear pump. Braised rice, in the 500 grams of rice to add 20 grams of vinegar, stew out of the rice is not sour, but easier to save. Braised rice, according to the above dosage by adding 0.5% acetic acid solution, and then stew out of the rice briquettes into the Cooler Bag sealed in the dark environment at 30 ℃ for 15 days, its color, smell, taste and appearance, and Fresh rice is no different. The dry bread is wrapped in the original wrapping wax paper, wrapped in water-impregnated paper, and then filled with a water-cooled bag, and the bag is put in place for 1 night, and the bread can be softened. Winter use of the furnace heating of the residents, the morning windows of the glass often due to water vapor and ice, ice melting, the windowsill on the water more than. If there are screens outside the window, white plastic film can be nailed to the wooden frame in the window, you can prevent the window glass icing, and can also play a cold effect.
When you buy cotton wool shoes, first wipe the shoes with a damp cloth, dry, hit the shoe polish, wait for a while, with a brush brush, into the airtight Cooler Bag, the bag of gas, truss. This collection of shoes, shoes can prevent dry deformation and mildew. Knitting sweater, if at the same time with more than two groups of cashmere, they can be placed in the same 1 with a Cooler Bag, so that the thread from the bag on the different holes piercing, you can avoid the yarn in the weaving process twist Together. A small amount of celery for a while to eat, can remove the yellow leaves, rotten leaves, bundles into small bundles, put a little longer than the celery plant non-toxic polyethylene Cooler Bag, Songzha pocket, placed in a cool and cool place storage Check the ventilation, can save a few days.
 1, affecting agricultural development. Waste Cooler Bags accumulate in the land, will affect the crop to absorb water and nutrients, affecting its growth.

2, poses a threat to the creature. Abandoned the Cooler Bag abandoned to the land and water, will cause animal food, there are news that the sheep like to eat the oil bag wrapped in the oil, it will eat together with the Cooler Bag, the Cooler Bag in the stomach is not digested, long-term The accumulation of the stomach is full and will not want to eat something to be starved to death. As well as the whales in the sea and other food floating in the sea in the Cooler Bag, will also be starved to death.

3, the harm to the environment. Disposable Cooler Bag is the source of white pollution, can not be natural decomposition, and there is no recycling value. Have a visual and substantial impact on the environment.

4, the harm to the human body. Disposable Cooler Bags containing renewable materials and other impurities, long-term use of disposable Cooler Bags of cooked food will affect people's health, especially the impact of children's growth and development.

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