The Custom Of The Bow Tie Packing Box Is Gradually Rising

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The custom of the bow tie Packing Box is gradually rising

From the late Qing Dynasty, after exposure to a gentleman known foreigners, only on the bow tie on behalf of the solemn formal clothing accessories have a certain understanding of the bow tie is the modern history of the past few decades began to be gradually attention, usually in the wedding, awards, attend the Important occasions have to wear accessories, especially men's bow tie Packing Box custom, but with the closely related bow tie Packing Box customization will often be forgotten.

In today's society, bow tie has been integrated into many of the mainland's living habits, there are many ingenious Packing Box manufacturers in the bowknot Packing Box customization spent a lot of thought hope that through the special bow tie Packing Box customization, to attract more bow tie brand before Come down And some of the high-end tie brand manufacturers are also willing to find these can provide a package of custom packaging package manufacturers, through these special bowknot Packing Box customization, so that consumers have a better impression of their own brand, after all, a product in addition to To see the quality of their products, for the accessory research is also important.

In general, this kind of bow tie Packing Box customization has a variety of appearance forms, there are heaven and earth cover type, there are drawer type (in this paper with the drawer type is the use of the bow tie Packing Box custom), as well as folding As well as the custom style of the book-style, dazzling bow tie Packing Box to make up now a relatively mature, stable bow tie Packing Box custom model, the future may be more bold designers can make more bow tie Packing Box custom pattern out, let us wait and see it.

Innovation is a necessary condition for this social progress, in order to be able to survive in the "survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest" under the conditions of survival, whether people or things have to change with the impact of the environment. Take the packaging industry, the designer every day for different customers need different design jewelry Packing Box, the new design on the demand for innovation, so the jewelry Packing Box design will also form a certain trend, the following packaging and everyone on a Up to explore the next.

On the current market better quality jewelry Packing Box look, most of the color uniform, exquisite workmanship, size specifications have certain requirements, design style in line with the brand's cultural characteristics. For example, Tiffany jewelry Packing Box is a large area of blue at the end with a white ribbon, this color to the brand to bring a fresh and pure feeling. While Cartier's classic red jewelery Packing Box brings more noble texture. These existing big brand packaging success stories accumulate the essence of the history of development so far, there must be worthy of our reference, but in the design of the development of such a fast today is also slightly less creative. Nowadays, jewelry Packing Box design should be closely linked to "environmental protection and innovation" this theme, which is the future trend of jewelry Packing Box design. Jewelry packaging design will pay more attention to the rational use of resources, materials, such as the degradation of recycling, the goal is to create sustainable. Xiao Bian thought the following innovative direction:

    (1) material use and bonding methods. First, once the recovery and degradation are taken into account, the natural material must be the best. Since ancient times, bamboo, paper and other materials in the hardworking wisdom of the Chinese people in the hands of the infinite possibilities for the packaging of the material to provide the most simple inspiration. The use of these ancient materials, in the design to join the contemporary characteristics of the traditional culture to undertake can also help. Of course, the new environmentally friendly materials are also suitable for jewelry packaging, the use of such materials may be more prominent is the sense of the times and technology. In the way of joining, the most effort is the use of harmless glue, more ingenious or perhaps those who are about to lose the ancient way. These purely physical connections are always amazing in the wisdom of their ancestors, and more intimate than the simple bonding, more help to show the quality of the jewelry brand itself.

Function of the sustainable expansion. Traditional jewelry Packing Boxes are independent small Packing Box-like, usually a molding, can no longer change the pattern, increased the difficulty of re-use. In order to increase its usefulness and reusability, it may be possible to try a modular combination of jewelry Packing Boxes, like Lego blocks, as a combination of basic modules. This type of small Packing Box can exist independently, can also be DIY DIY into a larger jewelry Packing Box, so that both easy to carry, and easy to focus on storage, but also increase the hands-on experience fun. In the details, you can also carefully design some to solve some common problems, such as fine chain easy knot, can do hanging structure or spiral segment to prevent chain entanglement.

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