The Development Prospect Of Gift Packing Box

- Aug 10, 2017 -

The development prospect of gift Packing Box

As the change of The Times, China's gift market is very large, and huge gift market has given rise to the development of gift box, as the gift market, gift industry increasingly competitive, Packing Box to tell you that if you want to make their product, gift box became a choice of key points.

In the 21st century the century of environmental protection, gift box on Packing Box materials of innovation are: used for heat insulation, shockproof, anti impact and rotten pulp molding Packing Box materials, not easy to break down in the late design makes every effort to reduce the material used for gift Packing Box, as far as possible with light quality, small volume, easy to crush or crushed, easy separation of materials

On gift box shape, die tangent to open on the gift box Packing Box, open cartons need certain strength, so it is very easy to open the way for adults, but there is a big difficulty for children, thus effectively avoid mistake by children, misleading. Because this Packing Box gift box once opened, it is very difficult to restore, because to a certain extent to play the role of anti-theft, really did set up protection and anti-theft in one body.

Personalized Packing Box design is a kind of involved extensive and influential design method, whether for enterprise image, the product itself or social effect have great relevance and influence, personality customization is currently the most used field character gifts creative gift custom, so the personalization to update the concept gifts, has a profound influence on daily life, but now is endowed with more meaning, people no longer think of alcohol, tobacco, tea as a gift of choice, the modern people pay more attention to the grade of the gift, and "the individuality creative gift" can greatly enhance the gift of art appreciation sex, including emotional appeal, make the gift relationship more harmonious.

Fierce competition in the information developed today, all walks of life, especially now rising prices, employee wages material benefits increased, that in itself is a good thing, but for the Packing Box industry in terms of small and medium-sized enterprises Are now facing a serious problem: the market price is more and more transparent, customer price is lower and lower, basically no profit to speak of, how can we do to survive in this environment?

We think:

The first: quality is the most important, a good product, needs a good Packing Box, that if the quality does badly, that affects the whole effect, the good product also does not show its value

Second: reputation, a business, regardless of size, without credibility, is equal to the loss of opportunities, lost customers

Third, service attitude, which is the attitude of work, is responsible for the work and the customer. In the customer to the Packing Box product inquiry, proofing, after-sales service must be in place

Fourth: the product characteristic, the heart of customer demand, with unique creativity, design elegance, atmosphere, or gorgeous, or novel, or classical, or noble, or elegant Packing Box products, with our unique way, to show the beauty of different...

We believe that our efforts, customer can see, the dongguan stand out in a box factory has always adhered to the quality first, integrity-based, improving customer satisfaction, there is no best, only better service concept, and emphasis on what we produce Packing Box products need to be able to meet the needs of different customers.

The important role of color in people's social life, production labor and daily life clothing, food, shelter and row is obvious. Of course the adornment of colour and beautification of the Packing Box box is even more so.

And modern scientific research data show that a normal person to accept the information from the outside world by visual organ input is more than ninety percent of the brain, from all the visual image of the outside world, such as shape, space, the location of the object boundaries and differences are reflected through the colour difference and relationship between light and shade, and visual first impressions are often the sense of color.

The interest in color has led to people's aesthetic consciousness of color, which has become the precondition for people to learn to decorate their life with color decoration. Therefore, in the design of gift Packing Box, the adornment of colour and beautification occupy a big use point.

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