The Future Development Trend Of Jewelry Packing Box

- Jul 19, 2017 -

The future development trend of jewelry Packing Box

Since ancient times, jewelry has never been absent from every contest between women, whether it is the palace fighting or the sisters' "fighting for the secret". In ancient times, jewelry Packing Boxes were used for jewelry, and today it has evolved into jewelry packaging Packing Boxes that can enhance the added value of jewelry.

Jewelry packaging industry has formed a preliminary scale, look from the number, there are a lot of companies are now operating jewelry packaging, but from the point of development, also appears extremely mature, mainly for varieties of a single, backward design, a series of problems such as lack of industry standards. Although the new material and new technology design provides a new space for jewelry Packing Boxes, such as resin, PVC, PU, PU imitation leather, all kinds of new paper (leather paper, wood grain paper, etc.) are used in. But, throughout to circulate on the market of jewelry packaging products, design reflected problems such as lack of visual impact, lack of form and function diversity, imitate each other serious or prominent. Why is that?

1. Packing Box Modern jewelry industry generally starts late

The demand for jewelry has long been at a maintenance level. Since jewelry is a luxury item, it is only possible to have a large market when the economy is developing rapidly and people are living relatively well. In the past more than ten years, the jewelry industry in China has begun to reflect vitality, and the market in the south is more active than the north.

As arts and crafts category jewelry with a long history, Packing Box the 20th century, with the various changes of the art world, many traditional arts and crafts gradually transforming to modern design, jewelry has also been affected. The modern jewelry industry is different from the traditional one, which is that the production of enterprises is not the same as the production, the design and processing are separated, and the production process is quantified. China's modern jewelry design began in the 1990s. Before this, there was no professional jewelry designer, and the style of jewelry was mainly imitations and changes of foreign styles. In the late 1990s, with the opening and establishment of jewelry design major and studio, the situation has changed a lot. Jewelry design as a major in the university setting, is different from traditional jewelry industry mentorship handicraft pattern, make its gradual move to modern design, and marked a new professional jewelry designer this was born in China.

From time to time, Packing Box the modern jewelry industry is very young, the whole start is late, and the corresponding products have not attracted the attention of the industry. In addition, due to the uniqueness of the jewelry itself, it from the arts and crafts to the transformation of modern design is not complete, is conditioned by the traditional processing way, a lot of link still needs to be done by hand, too much reliance on labour-intensive production has led to the design of modern jewelry and industry level is low.

The industry is small

Domestic except a few large jewelry enterprise, Packing Box jewelry factory scale is generally small, conditions they cannot have their own packaging design staff, or specifically for some jewelry custom packaging. Manufacturers and dealers usually buy packaged products directly, which can reduce costs effectively, but it is easy to cause jewelry products and packaging to be in shape integration and stylistic dislocation.

Jewelry Packing Boxes of circulate on the market at present is generally can be divided into five categories, namely hard Packing Box, soft bag, CARDS, tray, props, they mainly from small packaging company, due to the small scale, lack of funds, in the design of the input is short. Long jewelry Packing Boxes and gift packaging doped together, sometimes replace each other, some jewelry factory directly from the gift Packing Box packaging plant transformation, some is in main gift packaging and do jewelry Packing Boxes, lack of norms and standards in the industry.

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