The Influence Of The Packing Box On The Product

- Aug 01, 2017-

The influence of the Packing Box on the product
 As the saying goes, "people rely on clothes horse saddle", the appearance of a direct impact on the internal. The first impression in the life of the general use of the first thing we see is the surface level, if the surface level to the customer feel bad, then even no matter how good the product is also difficult to sell, the product is the ultimate purpose of sales. Product sales are good or bad, the role of the Packing Box is essential. Good products will be fine Packing Box.
The meaning of the product Packing Box is: the consumer's visual experience of the product, is the product of the personality and the main transmission, is the direct image of corporate image positioning. Good Packing Box design is one of the important means to create profits. Strategic positioning accurate, in line with consumer psychology product Packing Box design, can help enterprises in many competitive brands come to the fore, and the company won the "reliable" reputation. So a lot of product Packing Box Packing Box gift Packing Box can guide customers to more detailed understanding of product performance and whether their own needs; also to avoid the phenomenon of long-distance transport of goods in the phenomenon of damage.
The public awareness of the importance of food Packing Box more and more in-depth, prompting the market for food Packing Box requirements continue to improve, but also to promote the Packing Box industry update development. In the "thirteen five" plan the beginning of the year, the Packing Box industry will usher in new development opportunities. Faced with the ever-expanding market demand, how can the Packing Box business be?
Commodity Packing Box printing is not only the most important Packing Box materials, one of the means of decoration, and at the same time play a message, introduce goods, promote corporate culture, reflecting the user's personality and taste of the role. For some commodities, such as cigarettes, wine labels, Packing Box printing also plays an important role in the anti-counterfeiting, Packing Box Packing Box decoration industry in modern business plays an increasingly important role in promoting the development of China's printing industry as the main One of the strength, its growth rate was significantly higher than the average level of the printing industry in 11 categories of sub-sectors in the growth rate after the label printing industry. According to authoritative departments forecast, 2016 Packing Box industry will be developed by leaps and bounds, the growth rate will be higher than the national GDP two to three percentage points, and 8% to 10% increase in Packing Box printing will be the development of the new normal. In the new normal, Packing Box printing industry how to take a new development environment in the next development of the road?
  First, pay attention to policy interpretation
To comply with national policies and regulations, from the new policy to find business opportunities is the key to enterprise development. In China's printing industry, "thirteen five" plan clearly put forward three points, one is to highlight the large state-owned printing enterprises policy guidance and support, and for the favorable policy of sinking to develop effective path; the second is to highlight the new technology, Technology promotion and use of policy guidance and support to optimize the printing industry and the upstream and downstream industries between the allocation of resources to promote the upgrading of printing technology upgrades; Third, highlight the integration of the printing industry and the Internet policy guidance and support to promote industry restructuring Upgrade, to ensure that the industry and the economic and cultural development of a high degree of match.
Second, careful management of the new normal
In 2015, from the data also see a lot of printing Packing Box enterprises in the face of adversity has made new achievements, including high gross margin, net profit margin, per capita contribution rate, capacity utilization and production time utilization and other indicators. Combined with on-site assessment, most of the management is more perfect. If the company through the ink tank to collect the weighing to check the amount of ink waste and control, the annual savings of 300,000 yuan; through the protective cover instead of winding plastic wrap, saving more than 400 million. Therefore, the careful management of the Packing Box will become the future of the Packing Box printing business new normal.
Third, the transformation should be careful, the most important internal strength
The printing industry has entered the era of low-profit, to enhance the technological content of the production line, through science and technology to enhance productivity, thereby reducing the dependence on people, to create automatic production lines, reduce labor costs, eliminate traditional production mode of operation, to achieve real transformation and upgrading. In 2015, the customer complaint rate in the printing industry, according to the number of statistics or by order statistics, than the previous year increased by more than 10%. Although the deterioration of quality problems for many reasons, but many companies because of the main business downturn, blindly brought about by the change. If you are not familiar with the well, how can easily believe that strange can be made in a serious excess capacity and economic downturn in the era, survived the first wig, exercise internal strength is important.

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