The Reason For The Scale Of The Cooler Bag And The Explanation Of The Cleaning Method

- Jun 23, 2017 -

The reason for the scale of the Cooler Bag and the explanation of the cleaning method
Cooler Bags using new high-quality materials and advanced technology, mainly used for cooling fluid, the application range is very wide. The Cooler Bag is also a kind of heat exchange equipment, usually with parallel air as a coolant to remove heat. The Cooler Bag is effective in industrial equipment, but it is easy to produce scale effect. Here I tell you about the Cooler Bag in the cause of the causes and cleaning methods.

The Cooler Bag is a tube-type heat exchanger, which is most commonly used in power systems and steelmaking. The device can achieve heat exchange between two liquid media with a certain temperature difference, so as to reduce the oil temperature. Cooling, rolling mill hydraulic lubrication system cooling has a very good effect, to ensure that the steam turbine, rolling mill and other equipment, the normal operation. So in the industrial equipment occupies a large proportion.

In the heat exchange process, the cooling water absorbs the heat of the oil and the temperature rises. At this time, Ca (HCO3) 2 and Mg (HCO3) 2, which are originally dissolved in water, are used in the cooling water. The effect of temperature on the precipitation of CO2 to produce slightly soluble in water CaCO3 and MgCO3. Since the solubility of CaCO3 and MgCO3 decreases with increasing temperature and crystallizes from water, when these crystals are continuously deposited on the surface of the circulating water Cooler Bag, scale is formed, which affects the heat exchange efficiency and increases the energy consumption. Heat exchanger cooling effect decreased, resulting in gear oil, oil oil temperature rise, causing oil aging, equipment loss and other issues.

After the scale to prevent the Cooler Bag to reduce the efficiency of the Cooler Bag to be cleaned in time, the main cleaning method is to clean the manual cleaning, chemical cleaning and cleaning machine cleaning three. Manual cleaning is the use of cleaning equipment on the Cooler Bag for manual cleaning, is the most traditional way of cleaning; chemical cleaning in the cleaning effect than the manual cleaning is good, the use of specialized chemical agent on the Cooler Bag cleaning, cleaning effect is good; Cleaning is the use of high-pressure water to produce scale at the rinse, so as to achieve the purpose of descaling

The Cooler Bag should be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to keep it ready for use.

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