Two Kinds Of Materials For The Packing Box

- Oct 12, 2017-

With the rise of packaging box manufacturers of paper packaging materials, more paper packaging materials are beginning to continue to develop, seeking to seek more diverse advanced, like today introduced the protagonist cardboard material, this material can be said to be hot in recent years Of the material, but in fact this kind of cardboard material has been very long used in the Packing Box custom inside, because now people's pursuit of quality of life, as well as some changes in the concept of environmental protection, Packing Box requirements more need hard Paper Packing Box, used to load the higher value of goods, with the meaning of the gift more goods, then today to tell you about two kinds of cardboard materials suitable for hard paper Packing Box.
The first is a white cardboard, white cardboard can be used for hard paper Packing Box Like a previous news about "the production of carton packaging of white paperboard is the original structure!" Which has been explained, because it Inside the structure of 3 to 6 layers or more materials make the whole are more solid so that his hardness can be called to some extent hard materials.
The second is kraft paper, this material is not like the first kind of white board so thick, but from his own physical structure of the fiber composition so that the overall hardness is improved, and will not be so fragile, although his thickness Than the average double copper paper or a single copper paper to be thicker but his thickness is not so thick to the cardboard, but his hardness is no less inferior to white cardboard.
With the current social development, and people's living standards and the pursuit of the past, we have to win the idea of thinking has gradually become a quality to win, it is because our country was relatively barren, the economic environment is not optimistic, and that Time of the private Packing Box manufacturers are not many, most of these industrial industries are basically the country to operate control, but now with the changes in the environment, our country gradually grow and become one of the world-class economy, Many of the orders around the world have gradually changed, people seem to have a lot of the pursuit of the number, and the quality of a higher demand, Packing Box is getting smaller and smaller, fine Packing Box also naturally become The people of the choice, what causes these changes happen? Today for everyone to analyze the factors of this change.
First, analyze the relationship between quality and quantity, their relationship is generally inversely proportional to, whether it is a small Packing Box, or the high quality of the paper Packing Box, they are limited by the business's own needs and budget, when Businesses need more regular paper Packing Box when 10 million can be set to 100,000, but if you need a good quality fine Packing Box10 million may only be set to 50,000, of course, this choice of the There are advantages and disadvantages, ordinary Packing Box If the general commodity, consumers may be more concerned about the price, the ordinary paper Packing Box can effectively compress the cost of talent, so that both packaging but not too expensive to be abandoned, and Fine Packing Box is more suitable for some of the high-end goods, those goods cost profits are high, if through a custom fine box Packing Box can help him greatly enhance the value of talent, and the general consumer of this product is quality The main, that is, spending power, the cost of this high consumption is not all consumers like, so the small Packing Box does not need too much , Refined quality is the key to its success.
As mentioned above, the fine Packing Box for the market is some of the high-end consumer costs are high profits such as jewelry industry, their market may be a lot of consumers will only go to life two or three times, once their own marriage, The second is the marriage of children, the third is the best friend to get married. And this kind of guest is basically the majority of consumers at the grassroots level, they go back to the possibility of relatively low, the purpose of their consumption is not to decorate their own, but to discuss a way to go around the customs habits, for this customer Back to the intention is not high, even the Packing Box is not a small Packing Box, then it will be directly linked to this very low probability of zero; the other hand, the middle of the petty bourgeoisie or Tuhao level of customers, their consumption is simple purpose of decoration, Pay attention to the pomp can be said to be no doubt, with the development of our country more and more strong, more and more solid economic strength, this crowd slowly more up, so a fine Packing Box enough is fine enough to be particularly Important, do not want this type of core customer churn, fine Packing Box can be said to create a pomp that one of the most important means of packaging.

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