What Gel Mask Is Good For A Deep Test

- Jul 10, 2017 -

What Gel Mask is good for a deep test

For women of beauty, applying Gel Mask is an essential beauty and skin care work, so which one should we choose to face the variety of Gel Masks? Today, we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the six different types of Gel Masks, so that you can better select the Gel Mask that suits you.

1. Pulp Gel Mask

Advantages: pulp Gel Mask is made from natural fibers from plants. It's less stimulating and more environmentally friendly. More importantly, because of the larger internal space of the Gel Mask paper, it is better to absorb the essence and moisturize effectively.

The disadvantages: the Gel Mask is too thin, the fiber is not small, and the problem of the over-preservative is careful.

Cost-effective: lower.

2. Organic cotton Gel Mask

Advantages: the Gel Mask with 100% cotton texture is strong absorbent, and the use of organic raw materials can reduce the irritation of the skin.

Faults: pure cotton Gel Mask paper is easy to tear, easy to break in pull.

Cost ratio: general.

3. Non-woven Gel Mask

Advantages: the most important thing in the patch Gel Mask is the non-woven Gel Mask. The non-woven Gel Mask has a more uniform and soft texture, which is also a better choice in the skin lock. The advanced non-woven Gel Mask is 2.5 to 3 times more than normal non-woven Gel Mask for moisturizing and emolliing, and is known as "super fillet Gel Mask".

Weakness: air permeability is insufficient, if the essence fluid volume is young, the corner is up, can not completely fit.

Price ratio: higher.

4. Lace Gel Mask

Advantages: the lacy Gel Mask has better scalability, can be closely combined with the skin, and it can be applied to the face to make the skin care and tightens the effect.

Disadvantages: high cost and high relative price; And it is disposable consumables, not environmental protection.

Cost-effective: lower.

Silk Gel Mask

Advantages: the Gel Mask made from natural silk, which is similar to human skin structure, is more closely combined with the skin texture and can effectively penetrate the essence.

Disadvantages: the essential fluid capacity is limited, some will be left out in the bag when used, some will follow the neck.

Cost ratio: general.

6. Biological fiber Gel Mask

Advantages: fiber produced by microbial metabolic components made of Gel Mask, Zhang Lijiang, good elasticity, in addition, its water imbibition, stick a skin and the affinity with the skin is the highest in the patch type Gel Mask.

Disadvantages: the cost is high from the introduction of medical supplies.

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