What Is The Optimal Temperature For Refrigerating The Refrigerator?

- Aug 07, 2018-

1. The knob of the thermostat has a scale of 0-7, 0 is stop, 7 is strong cold, 0-6 is getting frozen.

2. The temperature range of the freezer compartment is -4~-24 degrees (three-star -18 degrees, four-star-24 degrees), and the temperature range of the refrigerator is 5~15 degrees.

3. When the mechanical thermostat is adjusted, the temperature of the freezer compartment and the temperature of the refrigerating compartment change simultaneously.

4, the refrigerator is a tool to provide food preservation, the preservation temperature of different foods is different, so the temperature of the refrigerator should be set according to the type of food stored. For example, green leafy vegetables 12 degrees, tropical fruits 10 degrees, cooked foods 8 degrees, beer drinks 4 degrees, fresh meat -18 degrees, fish and shrimps 0 degrees, etc., in principle, have nothing to do with the season.

5. When the summer temperature exceeds 30 degrees, it exceeds the design capacity of the refrigerator. The set temperature should be increased a little to prevent the compressor from freezing and causing serious freezing in the cold room. This is a sacrifice function to ensure the normal use of the refrigerator.

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