Whether It Is Cold Or Hot After Injury

- Jun 20, 2018-

After Injury: cold compress , then hot compress

The most obvious is the pain and swelling after the injury. At this time, it is necessary to stop all activities and do not be forced. It is also necessary to apply ice as soon as possible. After the sprain, the ligaments have micro-vessels ruptured, and the synovial fluid can be blocked and secreted. This can cause local obvious swelling. The first ice compresses blood vessels, reduces local congestion, and suppresses swelling and bleeding.

In general, the first contraction of ice contraction of blood vessels, 24 hours after heat transfer, promote blood circulation. Particularly serious (swelling pain situation did not ease, but more serious) situation, only consider heat after 48 hours.

Heat transfer is because ligament repair needs to promote blood circulation in the injured area, bring the nutrients and medicine needed for ligament healing to the wound, and the waste that produces metabolic metabolism will take it away through blood circulation and metabolism of synovial fluid.

Sports recovery: After the first hot compress ice.

Cold dressing and hot dressing are used alternately in the rehabilitation of ligaments. It is a very important and effective method in conservative treatment.

Ligament injury three to four days after exercise

Heat 3 to 5 minutes before exercise to extend muscle

Exercise 20~30 minutes

Ice 3 to 5 minutes after exercise to prevent swelling

Unless the joints are swollen or there are serious contraindications, full joint range activity must be performed during the later period of ligamentous injury recovery. It is best to consult a professional doctor in the hospital, including how long you can exercise, how much exercise, etc. It is advisable to recover without apparent fatigue and pain after exercise.

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