Winter Warmth Tips 2

- Dec 20, 2018-

9 clothes choose to keep warm and comfortable

Winter clothing must have a certain number of pieces and a suitable thickness. The down jacket has a certain thickness, and the stomata of the wool fabric is not straight through, which can bring a suitable clothing microclimate. Leather clothing can almost block the air convection inside the clothes, and wear leather when going out in winter to keep warm.

Dressing is not too tight. If the collar is too tight, the blood vessels in the neck will be compressed, so that the nutrients delivered to the brain and eyes will be reduced, which will affect the vision and affect the normal activities of the cervical vertebrae, which may easily lead to cervical spondylosis.

10 keep warm from the foot

There is a saying in the folks that "the cold is born from the soles of the feet." Because the foot is the farthest part of the human body, the fat is thin, and the warmth ability is poor. However, Chinese medicine believes that the acupoints on the soles of the feet are closely related to the internal organs. If the feet are cold, it can cause colds, abdominal pain, low back pain, dysmenorrhea, etc., so pay attention to the warmth of the feet. Cold protection. In winter, your feet are fitness.

Always wash your feet with warm water every day, it is best to massage and stimulate your feet at the same time. Walk for more than half an hour every day, activities and feet. In the morning and evening, stick to your feet to improve blood circulation.

11 heating temperature is not too high

The air conditioner and heating temperature are too high, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, which makes people feel colder. Therefore, the room temperature is preferably set to 18 ° C to 20 ° C.

The winter climate is dry, often pouring some water into the room, which maintains a certain air temperature and raises the indoor temperature by 1 to 2 °C. Because under normal circumstances, the temperature at the top of the room is much higher than the temperature at the floor of the room, and the splash of water can cause the hot air at the top of the room to flow to the ground, so the room temperature rises slightly, and the air in the room is warm and fresh.

12 wearing a hat, not easy to cold

The head is exposed to the cold because it is exposed outside. Once the head is cold, it is easy to cause a cold. To keep your head warm, it's important to wear a hat, and it's best to cover your ears. In addition, there are many important acupuncture points on the head, often massage the scalp, speed up blood circulation, and keep the head warm.

Head heat dissipation accounts for 30% of body heat. It is best to choose a hat that covers the ears, because the ears are thin, but the surface area is large and it is easier to dissipate heat. In addition, do not put your hands in the pocket when walking in winter, but you should wear gloves and shake your arms, which can move the muscles of the arms and make the body warm.

13 outdoor activities can promote heat generation

Outdoor activities promote heat production, regulate metabolic functions, and enhance cerebral cortex excitability and thermoregulation. After the temperature drops suddenly, it is necessary to move the bones and sweat, so that you can strengthen your body. Exercise should be combined with static and dynamic, running and doing exercises should only be slightly sweaty.

Exercises also vary according to individual physique and age. For example, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should prevent strenuous exercise such as playing and climbing. People with respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and pulmonary heart disease, should choose morning and afternoon sunshine. To avoid cold irritation and prevent acute illness. Older people should pay more attention to keep warm, and avoid getting up too early to prevent strokes from inducing stroke.

14 magical warm colors

In the winter, use warm colors to decorate the room, such as using pink to make curtains, replacing the light blue carpet with red, removing the fluorescent lamp and replacing it with an incandescent light bulb, and changing the snowy photo on the wall to a decorative painting of the garden... Put some warm flowers and other flowers, so that when people enter the house, they feel that a warm, cheerful warmth is on the rise, and both body and mind are warm.

The thermal conductivity of the glass is large, and a lot of heat is transmitted to the outside through the glass and was wasted. If the transparent plastic film is nailed to the outdoor window frame while sealing the window, the new air insulation layer is added, so that the room is not dim and the room temperature can be increased by 3-5 °C.

15 choice is very important for socks

Young girls like colorful socks, patterns and cute socks. It seems that even their feet will become cute! However, socks are the most important thing to keep out the cold, especially for women who are easy to get cold. It is very important for socks.

Wool clothes are good for the cold, isn’t the same for socks? The answer is no. Experts say that although wool has good thermal insulation properties, it does not absorb sweat well. It is not only easy to breed bacteria, but also may produce blisters. Both feet prefer a dry and warm environment, so the cotton texture that keeps warm and sweat is the best choice.

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